7-14-19 Living in Light of His Coming: Thankfulness 2

Living in Light of His Coming: Thankfulness

New Series: Living in Light of His Coming! Message: Introduction

6-26-19 For or Against?

Series: Living out our Faith     Message:Agents of Forgiveness    Pastor Brooke Gamber

Series: Living out our Faith     Message:Prophet-Like Patience    Pastor Brooke Gamber

LOOF Arrogance not Permitted because God Rules

LOOF Be Lifted up

Living out our Faith, Truly Wise?

LOOF  Defiled, Disruptive & Destructive 4-28-19

Palm Sunday 4-14-19 Luke 19:28-44

4-7-19 Dead or Alive

Live Out our Faith : Judge Much?

Living our Faith- Pure, Practical or Unpolluted

Living out our Faith … Doing 3-17-19

3-10-19 Living Out our Faith

Imitating our Father 3-3-2019

Tempted in our Trial

Joyful in Lack 1

Living out our Faith 1-27-19

Faithful Part 2 Jan 13 2019

Befriend Faithfulness Ps 37:1-20 1-6-19

Truth or Consequences

New Year, New You

Just Who Is Jesus


12-16-18 Nothing will be impossible with God.


12-2-18 The New Covenant of Grace


Free to walk by the Spirit.


11-25-18 A change in focus.


11-18-18 Cont. to wait in freedom.


11-11-18 Free to stay in step.


4-29-2018 Sermon


4-15-2018 Sermon


1-21-2018 Sermon